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Signs of Dehydration You Must be Aware of if You Attend A Steel Mace CrossFit Workout

Dehydration, which signifies loss of water, is a common problem for people practicing intense workouts, or doing workouts on regular basis. Crossfit makes sure that all the clients coming there are properly hydrated. Though dehydration is not a serious problem, but if left ignored then indeed can lead to serious trouble.

The best way to escape from dehydration is consume water before and while doing workouts. If you are also in the habit of steel mace workouts on a regular basis, get wary if you notice following signs.

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Unbearable Thirst

The first sign, which will notify you that your body is getting dehydrated and it requires water, is you will experience unbearable thirst. Thirst is the natural phenomenon, which is the way through which body sends message to the brain that it requires water. Crossfit recommends not keeping you thirsty for very long and consuming water at regular intervals.


You might feel exhausted more than you normally do while doing workout. Heat exhaustion might occur, should you have been practicing steel mace workouts continuously for a long time. You might get vomiting, dizziness or even fainting as a result of this.

This stage signifies the stage where cardiovascular system of your body fails to cool down your body. Crossfit ask their clients to stop doing a Crossfit workout, and switch them to cooler place to bring down their body temperature.


Cramping occurs when the muscles in your body don’t get sufficient oxygen. While doing workouts, if you don’t breathe properly, this problem might take place. In addition to that, lack of water in your body is also responsible for cramping, because water supplies oxygen to various muscles in your body.

And when you don’t have sufficient water available in your body, it deters the functioning of muscles. The best way to deal with the situation is to take rest from your steel mace workouts, take long breaths and consume plenty of water. The Movement Zone recommends drinking one litre of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.

Heat Stroke

Your body tends to excrete water through sweating to deal with the excess heat produced by your body. When you continue training with a macebell, ignoring your intense sweating, a stage comes when your body stops sweating. Such a stage has been named as heat stroke.

The reason why your body stops sweating is it already has excreted all the water it had; now it has no more water left to deal with the heat produced in your body. Lack of fluid leads to increased heart rate and might lead to disorientation and even faintness.

High Pulse Rate

Should you have a pulse rate monitor, you can keep measuring your pulse rate and can keep a check on dehydration. Ebay provides heart rate monitors which help people keep regular watch on their pulse rate, and effectively save themselves from getting dehydrated.

Should you observe your pulse rate has increased beyond normal pulse rate, stop right there and fuel your body with water. Even after consuming water, if the pulse rate persists to be high, then certainly there is some other reason responsible for that. Consult a doctor under such a situation.

#1 Important Benefit of Clubbell Training

Clubell Training draws its inspiration from military boot camp training. It is for this precise reason that exercises and activities are designed by army fitness coaches. While the predominant goal of clubbell training is to help you to achieve your fitness objective, working together in a group has a lot of advantages to offer. Just the way a military boot camp operates; participants in a fitness boot camp also train hard every day and help each other thereby contributing to team’s harmony.

Clubbell training will build strong shoulders like nothing else. In fact, I’d say that is the #1 Important Benefit of Clubbell Training – the upperbody strength gains are fantastic!


In a typical clubbell training session people usually pair up or work in groups that could be either homogenous or heterogeneous. They participate in various intense and challenging physical activities in the group they are a part of.

In such instances, you do not participate to stay or get fit and lose weight but to provide your team mates with the social support that is necessary to get the same kind of results. This is because of the inherent differences in personalities.

While some get acclimatized to the environment and can quickly get along the flow, few others could find it difficult to adjust. This is when team spirit and cohesiveness play a huge role. Click here if you would like to buy a clubbell.

Also, because of the dynamic nature of exercises, the interest levels remain high. A healthy competitive spirit exists between the teams and also intra teams. People compete with each other to progress and be ahead of others. Games and activities at personal training are designed in a way such that healthy competition is encouraged.

This is because the very design of every game necessitates a winner thus bringing out competitive spirit in everyone. At the same time, since you work in groups, you also help your fellow team members to obtain the same results.

Clubbell training encourage competitive spirit. These sessions have become widely popular in organizations and have become an indispensable part of the corporate culture. Companies make use of exercises to promote team growth and facilitate a harmonious relationship in an organization.

Clubbell training makes use of challenging and intense activities to involve the participation of everyone who enrolls in these sessions. You are more or less forced to participate in every activity thereby helping you lose weight or reach your fitness goal and more importantly, to improve competitive spirit.

What You’ll Learn in a Kettlbell Certification Course

What You’ll Learn in a Kettlbell Certification Course

Training with kettlebells provides unbelievably fantastic results that clients love and it is something that every top-rated fitness trainer must have in their repertoire. But before you make your name as a much sought-after kettlebell trainer, you must enrol for a kettlebell course or perhaps our Brisbane course.

Why Select Kettlebell Training

As you will learn during your kettlebell certification online courses, kettlebells are extremely versatile workout equipment that is used to perform hundreds of different workouts across multiple planes.

Kettlebells target all the muscles of your entire body thus providing maximum benefit with each session. Most other fitness equipments move in unilateral direction and target isolated muscles, thereby restricting the benefits.

Kettlebells are a one-time investment and can be carried around easily so that you do not stay confined to a gym and can reach out to more clients at different venues.

Moreover, just twenty minutes of kettlebell workouts offer the same benefit as an hour-long traditional workout training session. Understandably, you deliver the same benefits in lesser time and hence can train more clients in a day and earn more.

Given all the advantages of kettlebell training, you should really consider enrolling for a kettlebell certification course to give your career that extra edge.

The Course Curriculum

In most academies, the course curriculum for kettlebell trainers is primarily divided into level one certification and level two certification. The first level teaches you all about basic kettlebell training while the second level is a more advanced one.

All reputable institutes with national accreditation have trained and expert coaches who have years of experience in nurturing talent amongst budding kettlebell trainers.

Level One Certification

During the first level, you will go through the fundamental aspects of kettlebell training, its history and the mechanics of kettlebell movement and so on. You will be taught basic kettlebell movements such as the swing, snatch, squat, deadlift, press, high pull and so on.

You will also learn how to measure both progression and regression in your clients in a scientific manner. This enables you to keep a tab on your clients’ performance correctly which is so essential in helping your clients reach their fitness goal.

The level one kettlebell certification also teaches you how to coach your clients skillfully and safely so that you get the maximum benefits of kettlebell training in minimum time. You will get to know all about the common mistakes that most clients make and how to correct the form and technique.

Furthermore, you will learn some basic safety measures that should be implemented compulsorily during your training sessions. Along with this, you are taught a few basic first aid techniques that will help you to cope with emergency situations till expert help arrives.

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And the best thing is that once you complete the level one certification, you gain 10 CEC points with Fitness Australia and an additional 10 points with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals – an international organization that offers accreditation to fitness professionals).

Level Two Certification

The second level teaches you more advanced skills and workouts in kettlebell training. Completing this level gives you additional 10 CEC points with both Fitness Australia and REPS.

Kettlebell Tips You Can Use Today

Health is wealth and this fact cannot be ignored. Getting fit in this competitive world has been very tough for all the intellectuals, who are working day and night for the productivity of the country and its people. From the nomadic life to tech-geeks, humanity has gained a lot or lost it; who knows? But getting from fat to fit and life seems like – too busy to handle; then Kettlebell training is the answer.

Functional training workouts are a simply paid group, tailor made to suit your fitness level and help you achieve your fitness goal; the quick one and the long term goal of health happiness. It is not a vacation folks that you spend in the spa and sauna and the fat gets melted by your sheer passion of workout; it’s a real deal and the following things should be engraved in your mind: There are lot’s of courses teaching kettlebells but be sure you choose one that is registererd with Fitness Australia.kettlebell training

Forgetting to warm up

The most essential part of any thing is to give your mood a swing and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the work, you are about to begin. Warming up your body is very important because for a proper workout you should have an elevated heart rate and relaxed and toned muscles, ready to pump you up. Lack of good warm up session can affect your performance and degrade your physicality rather than upgrading it.


Many find it easy and convenient to hit the gym and work out for longer times at a moderate pace. For example, say the elliptical, you may start with a gush of energy but after ten minutes, you are like a turtle crawling on that ball. Try some natural toning exercises like running, push up or skipping which will naturally tone your muscles. About 30 minutes of cross-training is better than an hour on the elliptical.

Rehydrate yourself

Human body is 70% water and workouts will make you sweat; resulting in losing the most important element of your body. Keep plain water handy and keep rehydrating yourself. It is the natural phenomenon of body to sweat and keep itself cool and if it is not replenished in time, you may encounter lightheadedness, lethargy or even accident.

Overdoing it

We all know that too little training is bad. But too much training is bad as well. Under doing workout than what the plan is or what you ultimately want to achieve; will take ages for you to get fit to the level that is desired. Over doing it can be risky as it may lead to weight room accidents. Too much or too little commitment to the workout will lead you nowhere. A balance is required to be made between the reps, rests and routine.

Repeating same exercises

Doing the same exercise again and again makes the body used to the routine and the body takes nearly half the energy needed to complete the task as on the tenth day as compared to the first day. Keep challenging yourself with a new set of regime to keep your carbs burning.

Skipping the cool down

Yes! It indeed is a trivial part of the workout regime that is usually left untouched. Relaxing your muscles is always important after the workout; stretch your muscles and try to keep the stretch for approximately 25-30 seconds. Cool yourself up to avoid the next day pain on the stairs to work. Cooling not only keeps the results long lasting but also prepares for the next day challenge.

Making a fitness goal is a plan but sticking to the plan with a world of fitness knowledge; a personal trainer in this case; is sometimes a bit difficult but functional training are here to make this tricky task sticky. Stick to your fellow campers and make the most of your fitness experience.

Many personal trainers want to be a functional training coach, but they do not know where to start! If you want to become a functional training coach then you should contact Functional Fitness Courses and learn about some of their awesome new courses.