What You’ll Learn in a Kettlbell Certification Course

What You’ll Learn in a Kettlbell Certification Course

Training with kettlebells provides unbelievably fantastic results that clients love and it is something that every top-rated fitness trainer must have in their repertoire. But before you make your name as a much sought-after kettlebell trainer, you must enrol for a kettlebell course or perhaps our Brisbane course.

Why Select Kettlebell Training

As you will learn during your kettlebell certification online courses, kettlebells are extremely versatile workout equipment that is used to perform hundreds of different workouts across multiple planes.

Kettlebells target all the muscles of your entire body thus providing maximum benefit with each session. Most other fitness equipments move in unilateral direction and target isolated muscles, thereby restricting the benefits.

Kettlebells are a one-time investment and can be carried around easily so that you do not stay confined to a gym and can reach out to more clients at different venues.

Moreover, just twenty minutes of kettlebell workouts offer the same benefit as an hour-long traditional workout training session. Understandably, you deliver the same benefits in lesser time and hence can train more clients in a day and earn more.

Given all the advantages of kettlebell training, you should really consider enrolling for a kettlebell certification course to give your career that extra edge.

The Course Curriculum

In most academies, the course curriculum for kettlebell trainers is primarily divided into level one certification and level two certification. The first level teaches you all about basic kettlebell training while the second level is a more advanced one.

All reputable institutes with national accreditation have trained and expert coaches who have years of experience in nurturing talent amongst budding kettlebell trainers.

Level One Certification

During the first level, you will go through the fundamental aspects of kettlebell training, its history and the mechanics of kettlebell movement and so on. You will be taught basic kettlebell movements such as the swing, snatch, squat, deadlift, press, high pull and so on.

You will also learn how to measure both progression and regression in your clients in a scientific manner. This enables you to keep a tab on your clients’ performance correctly which is so essential in helping your clients reach their fitness goal.

The level one kettlebell certification also teaches you how to coach your clients skillfully and safely so that you get the maximum benefits of kettlebell training in minimum time. You will get to know all about the common mistakes that most clients make and how to correct the form and technique.

Furthermore, you will learn some basic safety measures that should be implemented compulsorily during your training sessions. Along with this, you are taught a few basic first aid techniques that will help you to cope with emergency situations till expert help arrives.

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And the best thing is that once you complete the level one certification, you gain 10 CEC points with Fitness Australia and an additional 10 points with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals – an international organization that offers accreditation to fitness professionals).

Level Two Certification

The second level teaches you more advanced skills and workouts in kettlebell training. Completing this level gives you additional 10 CEC points with both Fitness Australia and REPS.